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Board Meeting Minutes
We are trying to cut down on mailing costs of documents that are currently be sent out. One way we can do that is to provide you the ability to download these documents at your leisure. All you need to do is register HERE.

Once registered you will have access to association statements, newsletters, and other communications from the board.
If you would prefer to have the Minutes mailed to you, you can request a copy, in writing, from Alpha Management Services, Inc. P. O. Box 4482, Aurora, IL 60507-4482.

Information About Rental Properties
With the economic times the rental property requests have gone into an overload status!! Currently NO more rentals are allowed!! If in the future you would like to rent your unit, you may contact Alpha Management to put your name on the waiting list. Please be aware that due to restrictions this list is not a guarantee you will be able to rent out your unit within any time frame, now or in the future. As availability opens, the next on the list take that spot and so on.
In 2006 the Homeowner Association Board of Directors passed an amendment to the declarations regarding rental units. "If an Owner fails to submit the required Application or rents after the Board has denied an Application, the Board may assess a fine of $300 for each occurrence and $20.00 a day against the Owner until the rental is terminated."

Be a Good Neighbor
Please remember to a good neighbor by...
- cleaning up after your pets
- keeping pets on a leash or short tether (in your portion of the common space)
- leaving the guest parking spots open for guests
Everyone will appreciate it.

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Alpha Management Services, Inc.

You can contact the property manager at:
Glendale Lakes Townhome Association Phase I
c/o Alpha Management Services, Inc.
P.O. Box 4482 • Aurora, IL 60507-4482
Phone: (630) 892-8823 • Fax: (630) 897-7358

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